1963 Born in the Netherlands. Childhood on the Frisian lakes.

Self-thaught artist.

1992 Discovers the magic world of marble & direct carving at Pietrasanta near the Italian Appenin Alps.
Lives in Amsterdam, during 6 years sculpture remains a passionate hobby. Apprenticeship at several art studios at Amsterdam and abroad.

1997 Leaves Amsterdam to start a new life in France.

1998 A new professional life starts in the south of France by
creating her own sculpture studio.

1998 - 
Creates and develops her own proper style of sculpture. 
Becomes a member of the French "Maison des Artistes" in 2003.

2002 First personal sculpture show at Cotignac. (P)

From 2002 onwards attends to Art Shows all over Europe.
Her sculptures are represented by different Art Galleries at
Paris, Amsterdam, Torino, Cipressa and FoxAmphoux.

Her work is represented in serveral private collections in Europe and elsewhere.

1999 - 2020
Organizes during 21 years intensive summer workshops at her studio
at Cotignac (VAR) with her compagnon sculptor Olivier Bataille.

From 2012 onwards
Organizes 6-hours sculpting courses, in direct carving, at her studio, 1 Saturday every month between November-May.


2001:* ‘Les Jardins Artistiques de Drûlon’-Loye s/Arnon-France           

* ‘Encuentro Internacional de Escultura’ at Tudela de Duero-Spain        
* ‘La Sculpture en Liberté’at Roquebrune s/Argens-France           
* ‘St. Joseph Galerie’at Leeuwarden-Holland

2002:* ‘St. Joseph Galerie’at Leeuwarden-Holland
* ‘Exposition de Sculpture’at Neoules-France
* ‘Cercle des Arts’-Cotignac-France (*)
* ‘Jardin de Sculptures de Mousteirol’at Entrecasteaux-France      
2003:* ‘St. Joseph Galerie’at Leeuwarden-Holland
* ‘Les Jardins Artistiques de Drûlon’at Loye s/Arnon-France           
* ‘Médiathèque de Carcès’at Carcès-France
* Gemeentemuseum ‘Het Hannemahuis’at Harlingen-Holland       
2004:* ‘les Jardins Artistiques de Drûlon’at Loye s/Arnon-France           
* ‘Galerie Jas De La Rimade’at  Carcès-France
* ‘CALERN IN SITU CORPO’ Land Art Show at Plateau Calern-France

2005:* ‘Les Jardins Artistiques de Drûlon’at Loye s/Arnon-France
* ‘Galerie Jas De La Rimade’ at Carcès-France
* ‘REDBOX Arts & Design’ at Barjols-France
* ‘Galerie Manon Lith’at Maassluis-Holland

2006:*’Galerie ‘Jas De La Rimade’ at Carcès-France (P)
2007:*’Galerie ‘Jas De La Rimade’at Carcès-France
2008:*’Galerie ‘Jas de La Rimade’at Carcès-France
*’Centre Culturel Le Château de Carcès’-France
*’Loggia di Palazzo Prétorio’at Volterra-Italy
2009: * “4me Biennale de Sculpture Musee S.Segal”at Aups-France
* “Les artistes des Pays-Bas”-Centre Culturel at Théoules s/Mer-France       * “Etat d’Art”-Chapelle des Templiers at Bras-France
* “L’Art qui cache la fôret”at Pignans-France
* “Villa Biener”Arte Contemporanea at Cipressa-Italy: summer 

2010: *“AREACREATIVA42” Casa Toesca at Turin-Italy (P)
*"Plaine Page "m’emmasquez pas" at Barjols-France
*”SNSP 60me annee”-2&3 April Bastille Design Center at Paris
*"Open Studios"-Easter Weekend at Cotignac-France
*”Villa Biener “Arte Contemporanea at Cipressa-Italy: summer
*”8me Biennale d’art”-25,26,27June at Vence-France
2011:*"AREACREATIVA42"-Casa Toesca at Turin-Italy
*"Villa Biener" Arte Contemporanea at Cipressa-I: summer 
*"Gallery NINE (9)": show with Dick Cassée 26/3-1/5 Amsterdam-NL 
*"Salon ARTSPOT" with Gallery NINE (9) at Amsterdam-Holland 
*"l'Art qui câche la vigne"-Domaine Font du Broc at Les Arcs-France

2012: *"Open Studios" at Cotignac (F): 6,7,8,9 April
*"Gallery NINE (9)" at Amsterdam-Holland
*"Salon Art Antique" with Gallery NINE (9) at Utrecht-Holland
*"Villa Biener" - Arte contemporanea at Cipressa-Italy: summer 
*Salon KUNSTRAI with Gallery NINE (9) at Amsterdam-Holland

*Culturel Centre: "SASKIA 400years" at Leeuwarden-Holland

2013:*Sculpture park "Beelden in Gees" 5/5-30/9 at Gees-Holland
*Salon KUNSTRAI with Gallery NINE (9) at Amsterdam-Holland

*Gallery NINE (9)-Amsterdam (NL): show 16/11 until 5/1/2014
2014: *Gallery NINE (9): "25 years" 50 small artpcs by 50 artists of the gallery.
*Salon ArtBREDA with Gallery NINE at Breda-Holland
*Open Studios" at Cotignac (F): 19,20,21 April 
*HEART Gallery" at St Tropez: until end of 2014.

2015: *Gallery NINE (9) at Amsterdam-Holland
*Villa Biener- Arte contemporanea at Cipressa-Italy: summer 
*Les Jardins Artistiques de Drûlon": 18 April-1 Oct (   
*Cité Internationale des Arts - 18 rue de l'Hotel de Ville - Paris :  28/4 - 6/5
* "Textes-Pretextes"- collectif show at Cotignac (F), art & poetry, 9-22/10
*KARRYGallery" at Paris-France (

2016: *Gallery NINE (9)-Amsterdam: permanently
*KARRYGallery -Paris: permanently (

''3rd Biennale of Arts' at Cotignac - Easter WE 
APOCOPE Art show at Carcès (VAR) - 15/6-16/8 
"PAD London"  with KARRYGallery from Paris: 5-9 October

2017: *RCAF-fair avec Gallery NINE - WTC at Rotterdam (NL): 8/2-12/2 incl.
*'Van Vilsteren & Van Der Made' - Cercle des Arts at Cotignac: 14/4-27/4
*Gallery NINE (9)-Amsterdam (NL): permanently
*KARRY Gallery -Paris:  permanently (
*Villa Biener" - Arte contemporanea - Cipressa (I) - Summer

*30 years Sculpture Garden at Chateauvert (VAR) - 27/5 until 27/6
*"Pollen d'Atelier" 25,26,27,28 May: 10-19h -
*Galerie FORMAT-Fox Amphoux 9/6-16/8 JULNER & VANDERMADE (P)
* at Amsterdam on 16, 17 & 18 June with Gallery NINE
2018: 4th BIENNALE DES ARTS at Cotignac (VAR) during EASTERweekend
*Château La Curnière-Tavernes: 1/7-31/8, ouvert tous les jours
*Hoel & Van Der Made - Cercle des Arts à Cotignac: 7/7-13/7
*FALAISE DES ARTS-Cotignac: 31/3-26/5.
opening on 30/3 at 11h30.
*SAINT JEAN DES ARTS-Luberon: 31/5-7/7.
opening on 31/5 at 17h.
*LA CLÉ DES CHAMPS-Ferme de Belveset-Taradeau: 23/11-1/12.

2020: *LEZARTS AU JARDIN-Portes Ouvertes-Flayosc: 23&24/5